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New Zealand is witnessing a boost in sustainable building both in the residential and commercial sectors. Sustainability tools such as Green Star Design and environmental innovation such as solar power are becoming the standard for new commercial developments in NZ.

Sustainable Building in New Zealand

Sustainable building is not a new concept for New Zealanders. It has been around since the 1960s when high interest in energy conservation developed, and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction was introduced.

Today, green and sustainable building in NZ takes the concept of eco-friendliness and applies it not only to the construction phase but also to the planning, maintenance, renovation and demolition processes. Apart from being green and resourceful, sustainable building also creates healthy and inspiring workplaces.

Making Workplaces Conducive to Health

For the past couple of years, asbestos continued to be a major cause of diseases and fatalities in NZ. Worksafe NZ even named asbestos exposure as the leading cause of workplace-related deaths. Many commercial establishments built between the late 1930s to 2000s had asbestos used in their construction, and a lot of these buildings still stand today.

Apart from asbestos, tenants of commercial buildings experience health problems due to inadequate heating and damp buildings. One global report revealed that NZ has some of the lowest standards in construction codes and insulation requirements. According to the Auckland Regional Public Health Report, these factors have a direct impact on occupant health, causing the prevalence of illnesses like asthma.

Sustainable building is seen as a potential solution to this problem with its various features. Sustainable workplaces provide ample ventilation, maximise natural lighting and welcome better indoor air quality. Research sponsored by the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in the US even found that green buildings enhanced the cognitive function and productivity of the occupants.

Designing with (Not Against) Nature

A Deloitte report found that New Zealanders put more emphasis on home and workplace resilience than health. The report explained that this point of concern is due to NZ's harsh weather and seismic conditions, especially after experiencing and witnessing the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011.

Since power and water resources are vulnerable to harsh weather, many business owners and builders are looking at green buildings that use less energy, generate their own power and collect their own water. This feature of sustainable building allows commercial establishments to withstand drought, heat waves and other weather extremes.

Buildings that Enhance Lives and Businesses

For buildings that enhance lives and businesses, ob体育网页 offers modular and sustainable building for the commercial, educational and healthcare sectors. We streamline construction projects and minimising risks by providing clear communication and a single point of contact.

Our  design & construction services  provide a simple approach to construction. We have a team of commercial architecture and engineering specialists that deliver creativity, efficiency and value. With our total project management, you will experience time- and cost-efficient processes, proven construction methods and collaboration.

Work with us on your next project and get in touch with us today.

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