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The design and build construction method presents an appealing option for clients looking to build healthcare facilities.

Design and build, compared to traditional construction, relies on a single company to manage the building design and eventual construction of a project. This set-up streamlines the process by eliminating the bidding stage for different contractors, and it also enables a more cohesive and cooperative working strategy for the entire team.
The many moving parts of healthcare construction can benefit from the design-and-build method. In the traditional method, the different contractors have no significant input on the design as it is decided beforehand by the architect. While that set-up can benefit smaller projects, the complex nature of healthcare facilities requires more practical and cost-effective solutions so investment can be implemented to areas that need it the most.

Unified Team of Experts

In the design and build method, experts from different sectors collaborate on the construction project. They create a unified plan set from the start of the project, fleshing out details so that there is no overlap or conflict regarding certain construction decisions. They make decisions so that they can all contribute to the success of the facility, especially regarding its capacity to accommodate the necessary healthcare functions.

Function and Purpose

The many procedures and equipment needed in healthcare facilities require a conducive operating environment.  Hospital equipment  requires proper space allocations for them to function properly. For example, if the contractor is unable to factor in the equipment needed for mobility, they may build doorways and access points that cannot accommodate this equipment. In the traditional construction method, there is a higher chance of having blind spots that can diminish the effectiveness of the facility.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Having all aspects of the construction ready at the start of the project can minimise unexpected costs and delays. Because the budget is already clear before the initial construction, clients do not have to worry about being unable to finish the project. The different experts are also committed to making it work together, allowing them to agree on solutions that will ultimately benefit the healthcare facility before the actual execution. The speed of construction is also greatly increased because there is input into the buildability and innovation given to start the enabling works quicker. 

Comprehensive Design and Build Services

At ob体育网页, we provide comprehensive design-and-build services for companies in the healthcare, education and commercial sectors. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, with a highly impressive track record of versatile building projects including health clinics, care centres, school facilities and commercial spaces.  We are committed to customer-driven service in every phase of the construction process, helping provide quality solutions that can match the facility needs of our clients. Our construction services extend throughout the Northland region and Auckland regions. With ob体育网页, you are sure to find a construction company that understands what you need.

Contact us on 0800 002 776 for enquiries.

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