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As businesses continue to expand, the need for office space will grow in demand. This is a challenge that both business owners and property owners face. In order to properly meet the spatial requirements, they have turned their attention towards innovative commercial construction services such as the design-build system.


What is the design-build system?

Design-build is a  project delivery system  that was developed to eliminate the need for a middleman during the construction process. This system works on the basis of single-source accountability which dictates that the client will deal directly with a team of specialists. This team will handle every aspect of the construction process, from conception to completion, so that the client can focus on more pertinent business matters.          

When is the design-build system used?

This project delivery system is often chosen by property owners that have a design in mind for their building but have yet to finalise it. Since the design-build system starts at conception, the team assigned to the client will help them realise their final design as builders work towards the creation of the foundation. This results in a fast-tracked process that will ultimately lead to a well-built establishment in a short time span.

How is the design-build system beneficial to office spaces?       

  • Streamline the Process

For property owners to meet the growing demands for office space, they will need these buildings constructed in a timely manner that does not sacrifice quality standards. The design-build system is able to meet this balance because it gives the project manager full command over the process. This can eliminate common challenges that concern schedules, budgets, and conflict resolutions.

  • Improve Communication

Errors caused by miscommunication lead to expensive and time-consuming solutions. A project manager at the helm can easily convey client demands to the appropriate personnel and vice versa. This can prove to be beneficial to property owners as they can focus on their regular business operations instead of every detail regarding the construction.

  • Quickly Resolve Problems

With only one firm involved in the project, there is less need for coordination as there are only two parties involved in the process. This is especially advantageous in situations where fast resolutions are necessary. Whether it is a design or budget concern, the project manager can easily approach the client to determine the appropriate plan of action.

  • Allow for Easier Expansion

These days, it is not uncommon for property owners to have a uniformed design for their establishments, especially for office spaces. Not only does this make pricing easier, but it removes the need to come up with new designs for future buildings. The design-build system, with its conception to completion guarantee, gives property owners the opportunity to expand their real estate ventures in a standardised manner.

Design and Build Office Spaces with ob体育网页

ob体育网页 specialises in design-build construction, specifically for commercial projects. Our process involves the creation of a team that will help you achieve your business goals. Our project managers take the time to understand your business in order to ensure that your bespoke plans are executed accordingly. The office spaces we create for our clients are designed and built to be optimised for productivity and efficiency.

For any enquiries about our commercial construction services, call us on 0800 002 776 or send an email to  admin@alineconstruction.co.nz .

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