New Zealand's demand for new living and work space has increased with its growing population.

In December of last year, New Zealand had an  estimated population of over 4.9 million  people.  The increase has put more public demand for various sectors and services. The healthcare industry, in particular, is in constant need for space. As an industry that continually sees an influx of people, hospital administrators are always on the lookout for a quick and cost-effective solution to increased facilities. This is how  modular construction  has become a popular choice for the healthcare industry.

What are the advantages of modular construction?

Modular construction is a practise that makes use of prefabricated building materials. The off-site manufacturing process allows construction companies to closely monitor the modules to ensure they are of a constant high quality throughout. This automated solution to construction presents the opportunity to  standardise and streamline the construction process .

  • Time-Efficient  − While walls and other components are built in the factory, contractors have the opportunity to complete foundation work uninterrupted. Once the site has been prepared, the company can deliver the prefabricated materials for on-site assembly. This allows the existing hospital or clinic buildings to continue functioning with less disturbance for a shorter period.
  • Cost-Effective  − Modular construction often leads to cost savings, particularly in labour and waste. For hospitals and clinics that have a limited budget, this building method gives them the opportunity to receive high-quality results at a reduced cost.
  • Highly Flexible  −This type of building process outfits modules based on the client’s needs. From extensions that fit seamlessly into the current architecture to satellite offices that serve as processing labs or pharmacies, these prefabricated modules give the healthcare industry highly flexible and adaptable options to optimise their operations.  

How does it standardise the healthcare facilities?

The healthcare industry often requires more workspace quickly. Modular construction gives the sector the convenience of a quick construction process that does not sacrifice quality and safety. More importantly, this solution has additional benefits of optimising and standardising operations through design.

The repetitive design of prefabricated modules is a welcomed sight in hospitals and clinics. It is easier for staff members to familiarise themselves with the room layout. As a result, efficiency improves as they easily remember the location of medical equipment and tools in a standard set-up. For life and death situations, this can prove to be a crucial design element. Also, modular construction presents the opportunity for hospital administrators to modify floors based on their patients’ specific needs.

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